Naika’s Got A BLOG!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!

That’s right you worthless sacks of horse-dung, your almighty loser otaku finally has a blog where he can talk about the PC-Engine, tentacle hentai and how big your sister-in-law’s tits are when she’s wearing that Ohio State shirt that your brother barfed on during that bender in Sacramento.  Remember?  REMEM-BAAAAAH!!???

In all seriousness, there’s all kinds of things I’d want to write about, and I think this blog will give me a quick and accessible way to get those things done, and will hopefully offer a nice alternative to what I usual offer on the YouTube page.  I was recently featured as a guest writer at my friend’s blog GrumpyGrad (you can read my article here), and it inspired me to do this!  I hope you all find this as a nice change of pace, and hopefully you’ll stick around to read and discuss every now and then.  Until then, take care folks and I’ll see ya around!  ^__^


3 thoughts on “Naika’s Got A BLOG!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!

  1. Love the way you set up the site! Am looking forward to hearing about anime as well as footy. Someone in my department asked me whether I was being ironic wearing an Arsenal jersey. Wonder if he is a secret Sp*rs or United fan.

  2. Ga-ha-ha-hah!! A Mancunian who loves his money and his trophies. I think the folks from White Hart Lane (Spurs’ stadium) have more class than the Red Devils. To hell with them!! 😛

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