Weekend Roundup (9-24-2011 to 9-25-2011)

Robin Van Persie celebrates with his fellow teammates after scoring his 100th goal for Arsenal F.C.

Before helping some lab friends move into a new apartment on Saturday, I wondered if I would miss much from the Arsenal vs. Bolton match-up at the Emirates.  I had the fear of them losing in the back of my mind, but I soon forgot about it as me and 9 others were lugging everything from a heavy couch to a heavy box of Tokyopop Manga.  By the time we had everything moved in, two and a half hours had passed and I was informed of a victory from the Gunners.  I shouted for joy as I got the text.

After a cold bottle of Guinness, a few laughs with the rest of the group and a bunch of thank-you hugs, I rushed home to see the game, and, to my surprise, it wasn’t bad at all.  Bolton held it down on the first half, but the Gunners came back on the second with 3 magnificent volleys that would smack any gooner out there with a shit-eating grin.  The first two marked Captain Robin Van Persie’s 99th and 100th goals for the club, with the 100th being especially brilliant (Guinness please!).  Song was able to finish the day with an awesome curl into the top-right corner, sending the crowd into a frenzy, and getting a smile out of Wenger’s face.  GrumpyGrad has already dissected much of this here, so please give it a read.  Overall, it was a fantastic day for Arsenal.  It doesn’t absolve them from their current problems, but it gives us fans something good to talk about.

Arsenal's Alex Song celebrates with Bacary Sagna after his 89th minute goal against Bolton.

This weekend also marked the end of my viewing for the anime “Monster.”  Zanz and I had another small marathon for the show, and it is nothing short of a well-thought, bloody and suspense-filled thriller.  I haven’t shown a gigantic interest into more recent anime fare as of late, but Urasawa’s work has always struck me as compelling.   Therefore, any TV adaptation of his work would be welcome watching for me.  After finally finishing it, the show leaves you asking questions about the duality of human nature, the deceptions made within our memories and the fate of the main antagonist, Johan.  One thing to note is that the show is set in Europe, so it should be fun watching for those who aren’t familiar with anime and are looking for something more “western” to relate to.  Overall, it is a must-see show for anyone, and it’s worth ALL 74 episodes.

Protagonists Nina Fortner (L) and Dr. Kenzo Tenma (R) from Naoki Urasawa's 2004 TV Adaptation of "Monster." Photo courtesy of Baratijas Blog.

And finally, I snatched some time to catch up with some retro gaming, namely the Natsume remake of Taito’s classic side-scroller called “The Ninja Warriors” for the Super NES.  I was quite surprised to get to the last boss with only one death, but I couldn’t beat the sucker amidst 5 tries, so I gave up.  It was a great game for its time, filled with good graphics, simple-yet-challenging gameplay and kicking music, so if you haven’t had the chance to play it then please find a way to do so.  Hopefully I’ll find some time later next week to play again.

So far, the Super NES collection is looking good, but I’m wondering what to buy next when the moolah comes in.  I have a strong desire to buy “Tetris Attack” since I was addicted to it during my rental days with Blockbuster Video, and furthermore, it features a two player versus mode that should be excellent for a party or two.  GrumpyGrad has tried to convince me to buy “Secret of Mana,” but I’m not so sure if I want another RPG on my hands.  I have enough trouble with “Cosmic Fantasy 2” for the TurboGrafx-CD (that damn game drives me up the friggin’ wall, I swear).

Otherwise, that was it for the weekend.  Please expect a feature from me in the near future about jazz and so forth soon, and other random blurbs about nothingness.  Until then folks, adieu!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup (9-24-2011 to 9-25-2011)

  1. Fascinating post especially “The Ninja Warriors”. I’ve never heard of this game. If you have time, I would love to hear more about your thoughts on the game, particularly about what type of cheap final tactics the end boss uses. Does he get resurrected upon dying? Can he move back and forth while crouching and blocking at the same time?

  2. The final boss can only be hit by throwing an enemy at the cockpit. For the Kunoichi and Ninja characters, grabbing and throwing is easy, but for the character I have, he can’t grab and throw, he can only throw, which makes killing him much harder. I was able to beat it on the emulator, but I have a much harder time with him here. Grrrrr. Just follow the link to see what the last boss looks like.


  3. I’m so gutted mate about Sagna and the match. Still I’d rather be a Gunner than a Spud any day of the week. Oh god, now I know what you mean about Van de Vaart. Hate that c*nt.

    • Me too mate. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit sad about it, and have thought that they may be food for relegation, but as you’ve said, I’d rather be an artful Gooner than a Spud, a Mancunian, a Magpie, and Anfiled Tosser or a diving Catalan.

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