Oh, to be a Gooner…

After Arsenal’s thrilling defeat against those fucking Spurs on October the 2nd, I went into a relative depression.  I was at work for 10 hours that day, and watching text updates of your team being beaten via the BBC (Biased British Cocksuckers) was not the way to go if you asked me, but the shit-storm didn’t start until the day after, and man oh man did it stink.  Lee Dixon predicted that we would not even finish in the Top 8, Phil McNulty sucked down hard upon the throbbing foreskin of a certain Scott Parker and the Arsenal blogosphere was in a state of utter frustration.  By the middle of Monday, the atmosphere that hovered over this storied derby was already reminiscent of a Balkan war crime and guess what?  I hadn’t even watched the fucking game yet.

With a Monday full of experiments and me being a relative asshole, I awoke from my rut (thanks to Jie) as a true Gooner to watch what I would’ve thought to be the equivalent of a horse kick to the bollocks but, to my surprise, it was a tight game mixed with, well, mixed reactions.

Well I guess this derby made our day, didn't it fellas?

First off, I’ll deal with the negatives.  Like the rest of the Arsenal blogosphere pointed out, we were poor under the knife when Spurs came up.  I really wished Sagna covered better against Hand der Vaart, but y’know, hand of God and all, he bested the best right back in the league.  Parker ran rampart when going toe-to-toe against Ramsey, and I mean RAMPANT!  That cheeky fuck basically ran a godamned circle around that Welsh twit and made a fool out of him.  And speaking of Ramsey, he had an AWFUL fucking game.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times he’s given the damn ball away.  Yes his goal was nice (and you can thank Song for that), but otherwise, his performance was appalling.  We wasted some obvious chances with Gervinho and etc. and Arshavin as a sub was just awful.  Chamakh would’ve made more use than him dammit.  And the Walker shot?  That was just the most terrible way to end the game for an otherwise awesome performance by SZCZ.  The worst of it all was the Assou-Ekotto collision which basically volleyed Sagna into a sign and broke his right fibula.  Now that’s a blow that will hurt the team more than anything.  Our most dependable player is out for four fucking months guys.  Can you believe that shit!?  It’s as if the Football gods were taking a direct shit at our heads and are not only laughing at us for walking around with it, but will laugh even more once we decide to do the sensible thing and clean the crud off of our skulls.  FUCK!!!!

Oh, and that tasteless chanting?  For any Arsenal fan that commits to that load of horse-shit, I hope you get a swift kick in the ass for it.  I might expect that from some Spuds, but not from a Gooner.  Participating in such mockery will only build more negative energy towards the club, and we’ve got plenty of it hovering above us already.

Now for the positives.  If I were to follow the line of thinking that most pundits followed, then I would begin by starting the majority of my sentences with adjectives illustrating the most negative, boring and unscrupulous football imaginable, then inserting something like “oh, and Song made a well-earned drive to the left to help the Welshman score” and yada yada yada.  However, I won’t do that and I will state what I found noteworthy as straightforward as possible.  Song and SZCZ were by far great, and it appeared that we defended well against set-pieces, but everyone will question the communication problems, which are apparent.  We still look great going forward, especially if it’s something from the sides.  Arteta continues to do well as a “last minute doomsday” signing, but I would argue that he might be a better attacking MF than Ramsey will ever be, while Coquelin continues to impress with a great deal of ass-kickery.  If only there was a greater amount of cohesiveness and bite amongst the players, than we could’ve seen something different in the last fifteen minutes.

This weekend will mark the end of our international break, where the Gunners must do battle with the Black Cats of Sunderland.  Yes, Bendtner is there and he’s kicking major ass for Denmark, but we have to shine.  If not on Sunday, then when?

Oh, to be a Gooner…


One thought on “Oh, to be a Gooner…

  1. As much as Bendnter would like to stick it in the back of the net against us, he can’t play since he’s technically still an Arsenal player according to EPL rules on loans. lol. I hope Liverpoor beats United…

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