Weekend Roundup Double Feature (10-20-2011 to 10-30-2011)

Who the fuck is gonna mess with this guy, eh? NOBODY!!!

Jeezus fucking christ, where the fuck do I begin?

Fuck!!  Well anyways, it’s been a crazy fucking two weeks, filled with experiments, Halloween stuff, singing in a gay bar, City Hunter, drinking lots of booze and, oh wait, experiments.


On Thursday, October 20th, I took a trip to Busch Gardens, courtesy of Val and company, to check out their special Howl-o-Scream event, and that was fun, but more or less a complete clusterfuck since it was discount nite and all these asshole kids (i.e. teenagers and other young adults who don’t know how to shut the hell up) were overflowing like the plague.  I was convinced by Will and Jie to ride the crazy Sheikra and I apparently got a photo snapped on it as well (see above).

On Friday, October 21st, Val’s plan was to check out the Chelsea Night Club in Downtown Tampa, a gay bar that apparently had plenty of Karaoke on Friday nights.  It was quite a chill place to be, and yes, I wasn’t manhandled either (schucks).  The worst part of it was that I was designated driver, so I couldn’t have a lick of alcohol, which made me feel a bit third wheeled at first, but once Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind” came on, I was back in business.  The night ended with Jie’s suggestion that we watch some good ol’ City Hunter, and that ended it for me.

Sunday was a Thank You Dinner from Val and the rest of the gang for helping her move into her new apartment, which consisted primarily of Venezuelan cuisine, including rice, beans and lots of shredded beef, along with Jie’s handy chicken wings that were cooked for three hours in a soy sauce with Coca Cola added on for sweetness.  Yes, I got fat as shit that nite too.

But the following week devolved into two mountains of butthurt that would rival Manchester United’s ass-whupping to City tenfold.  Almost everyday was an experiment, and three out of those five days consisted of me staying in the lab helping my Post-Doc up until 6-7:50pm.  Val was already planning a Halloween Party for Saturday, and Friday’s plans for another round of singing Karaoke at the Chelsea, costume style, went up in flames for me (I was too tired to go), so much of my energy was focused on surviving for Saturday’s big bash.

Halloween was crazy thanks to these three!

After the war that was THAT week, it was Saturday, October 29th.  Arsenal had triumphed over Chelsea in spectacular fashion, so I was already in a good mood.  At my arrival, we painted bloody t-shirts, swigged booze, drew sexy demons, and I was reintroduced to the allure of smoking by watching a friend dabble into it (no, I didn’t smoke).  Our costumes were on, and we drank and partied like mad.  By the end of the night, I was filled with a mixture of happiness, sadness, and confusion at what was a party that I may not forget for awhile.  Much of what I said has obviously not been elaborated, but I will talk about that in another time.

On Jie’s forceful suggestion, I stayed over, and by morning, we cleaned up the house like mad slaves and had fish congee for breakfast with yumcha.  It was a wonderful morning after, and we decided to watch City Hunter well into the afternoon.  But by then, I had to say my goodbyes, and I returned home.  It was Sunday, October 30th, and after I shopped for a birthday gift for me mum, I began to wonder where the week had gone.

So tonight is Halloween, and earlier today, we all took a photo with the bloody shirts we made at the party as a kind of lab activity, and it was amazing to be with lab people that wanted to cut loose every once in awhile.  Overall, this weekend was fun all around, but some part of me still feels sad and melancholic.  Maybe it’s the booze, or the futility of good times, or even my old suspicions of being third wheeled from time to time, but I knew that this would not last, and the majority of it was a distraction from the bigger things that challenge us day to day.  But that’s what partying is for, and with good friends all around, I guess I can’t complain much.

Until next time folks, have a Happy Halloween, and a wonderful week!!


One thought on “Weekend Roundup Double Feature (10-20-2011 to 10-30-2011)

  1. Happy you had a great time! It is fun to hear your adventures! Love the Halloween outfit, btw. I’m sure we all feel 3rd wheeled every now and then, but you are obviously around people who want you to be there!

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