Weekend Roundup (11-19-2011 to 11-20-2011)

Judging from my last post, I’m sure the majority of you (all three of you) are probably under the impression that I’m still in a rut over a broken heart and stuff, but there were some positives.  The last few weeks was not only devoted to me lamenting the friend zone, but being bombarded by lab work and a fussy fussy boss who is starting to make some very unusual decisions that are apparently upsetting the lab hierarchy, if you will, that we’ve established.  Trust me, I’ve improved a lot since I joined this lab a year ago, but my boss expects a lot from me, and obviously, I don’t meet the grade on some things that he expects.  Naturally, a boss will get upset and push you, but sometimes, idle threats to my job security are not nice.  Anyways, I’m just babbling, so aside from me moping about said girl (that’s what we’ll call her from now on) and trying to survive at work, here are the “positives” of the weekend roundup.

Takeshi Kaneshiro (L) & Donnie Yen (R) in Peter Ho Sun Chan's "Wu Xia" (2011).

So on Friday night, 11-18-2011, after a LOOONG day, said girl told me she downloaded this one Chinese film that she knows that I’ve been DYING to see, and offered to give it to me, but that made me even more anxious (and a bit mad) to see it, so I asked my brother to find a copy.  Yes, it was a DVD rip (apparently the only one available on the interwebs, unless she has a better one), and the subtitles were complete ass, but Donnie Yen & Takeshi Kaneshiro, irregardless of the fact that I understood jackshit and used Wiki for help in deciphering the story, were awesome in Wu Xia.  I can’t wait for a proper sub for this film when it hits the DVD shelves (or Netflix streaming).

I had some car trouble during the week, and thanks to my dad and brother, we were able to fix some unusual electrical issues with my car this Saturday, but the worse part was that I found out that I had barely any engine oil left, so god knows if I wrecked the car.  I had to buy like 3-4 bottles of Mobil 10W-40 for the sucker, but now it’s running smooth and seems to be purring like a pleased pussy.  Now if only this convertible can help me get some….

RVP is ready to land it home against Norwich on 11-19-2011 at Carol Road.

Arsenal triumphed over Norwich that Saturday and man, was it a great game, albeit with some rather odd things happening.  Walcott was making some incredible crosses, and Gervinho had SOOOOOO many chances that it wasn’t even funny, but Russell Martin and Ruddy were just excellent in defense and goalkeeping respectively.  RVP was responsible for our 2 goals, the first one being quite masterful thanks to Walcott, whereupon both took some golf swings as their goal celebration.  Song wasn’t too impressive in this game, but RVP’s second goal is thanks to him and that awesome pass he made.  All in all, it was another good day for the Gunners.

So as Saturday continued, I was invited to my Post Doc’s 31st birthday party at the swanky Seasons 52, so I bought her a bottle of Hendrick’s since me and her share a love of Gin and Tonic.  She helped jump my car this week and she’s been a doll to me in the lab, so obviously I had to go.  It was a good time overall, and seeing the other lab folk decked out in sly threads while surrounded by entertaining conversation was a plus indeed.  Oddly enough, I had a conversation with the waiter (whom the ladies were oogling) about martial arts too, which was quite interesting to say the least.  There were additional plans to go to another bar, but it was already 11pm, and I was a bit tired to say the least.  I said my goodbyes to my Post doc, her BF and the rest of my lab friends and headed off into the night…

Sunday was work work work as I headed to the lab.  I had a neat convo on the FB with said girl beforehand, but am wondering if I’m being the friend that she wants, or am I torturing myself (the latter, the latter!!).  Thanks to GrumpyGrad for all the advice nonetheless on this issue all the others that me and him bounce around repeatedly.  I forgot my I.D. at home however, so it seemed like driving all the way to the lab was a waste.  Luckily, my other co-worker was there and I got access, thank god.  Had to work on genotyping mice and an antibody stain list that I’ve been putting back for awhile now, so thank god it’s done.  And lastly, I sat down to watch some more Game Center CX where the Kacho played the Famicom murder investigation game called Hokkaido Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni Kiyu.  Apparently Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii wrote the game and even came on the show (to our loud surprise!) to give the Kacho pointers.  It was an entertaining episode indeed, and I’ll continue to look forward to more in the future.

And finally, this song has been stuck in my head for the past few days.  I heard it in a trailer as the theme for the film Sengoku Jietai starring Sonny Chiba, where its mix of blues and fusion just seemed so cool and sad.  I guess my mind is still wrapped up in things, or people.  Oh well.  Click on the song below and enjoy guys.  Until then, have a fabulous week!!


One thought on “Weekend Roundup (11-19-2011 to 11-20-2011)

  1. Great post as always. I love the picture detailing the friend zone. Keep your head up sir and remember that “For every beautiful woman out there, there is a man who is tired of her shit.” Happy Thanksgiving Naika.

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