The Allure of Autumn

If I were in Chicago at this time of year, I would be greeted with a fleeting sea of gold, saffron and crimson that would waft slowly down with the wind from what would soon become barenaked branches.  Much of what I’ve just said sounded quite poetic to onlookers such as myself, whose self-pitying gravitas is underwhelmed completely by the poor bastard that has to rake all of that.  However, such is the nature of life, where one enjoys the pleasantries of one phenomenon while another must bare the consequences that beget said phenomenon.  The allure of autumn is no different…

We are obviously getting closer and closer to December, which means that winter will arrive soon (and thanks to global warming, it already has…with the goddamned snow of course).  For folks like me and GrumpyGrad, who live on opposite sides of the country, we don’t have the chance to see snow much anymore, but for someone like myself who lives in shitty Florida, I don’t see much of autumn either.  We get brown leaves that turn to dead colors and simply become dead weight for various landfill areas in and around the area.  Sure, green is still avast in most areas, but that whole idea of withering gracefully is more or less non-existent here.

After having Thanksgiving at the usual spot for me with my Aunt and Uncle (best friends of my old man), I came home with a full stomach and a worn out body from playing piggyback with my little niece.  I sat down and browsed Facebook to see that “said girl” had this wonderful photo of her old college campus in China.  God, I wish we were able to see things like that here in Florida, and from there,we went back and forth about this photo, where she wondered if we could paint the leaves gold and someone would shake the tree for them to fall.  I remembered when I was greeted in a sea of gold as Chicago bid farewell to the seasons with one last show of grace from nature, from the vain campus of Lane Tech High School to the hollow grounds of UIC.

The allure of autumn and its meaning to me has alluded me for some time I suppose.  Was it the cool weather that made me love this season so much?  Was it the vibrant palette of colors that the leaves painted in each and every neighborhood?  Or was it the company you had as you walked through sidewalks that would eventually become drenched not in leaves, but in black snow?  As I think back at the picture she placed on her Facebook wall where we typed about our longing for the season, I am again reminded that nature refuses to wither in shame, but in brave, vibrant and upstanding grace,  With all this in mind, I can only hope that my feelings for her will pass on in the same fashion, where the allure of a season is not only found in a lucid sea of gold, but in the promise that new, more livelier beginnings will emerge strong…


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