Weekend Roundup (2-10-2012 to 2-12-2012)

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, and after a long and hard week full of PCR and other things I’ve screwed up on in the lab, here’s my roundup for the weekend.

Friday was a crummy day where I more or less provided some undue stress on my Post-Doc for being a bit too sure on a mistake I made earlier in the week.  Nothing detrimental in the long run, but it just means that I have more work to do to genotype a certain set of mice we’ve been breeding for a few months now.  That night, I was treated to some tasty Chinese hotpot at ‘said girl’s’ house for movie night with the roomies.  It first started out with the lackluster Colombiana, which had decent action, but not much else in terms of a plot.  It’s eye candy for us girls and guys, but that’s about it.  After a round of Uno, we proceeded to a film her and I have been talking about watching for a week now, and that’s Fruit Chan’s Dumplings.  A twisted, sexy film to say the least, it’s a gorgeous look at how one person’s desire to outwit the ravages of age consumes her as she consumes some special dumplings with a ‘special’ ingredient.  Lastly, it was a return to good film as we sat over to grace the awesomeness that was, and is, Pulp Fiction, while giving a boxing lesson at the same time (I’m not going into that any further).  Honey bunnies indeed.

Saturday started off really well, with a win for us Arsenal fans at the Stadium of Light against the black cats of Sunderland.  Martin O’Neil has really turned the Cats around since he took over, and it looked dire for us Gunners, especially after Mertesacker’s horrendous injury which later led to a goal for Sunderland.  However, Ramsey came on for us and scored a cracker of a goal that bounced off of both posts before smacking the net.  Arshavin and Henry some came in to replace our wingers and things really took off.  Arshavin took two of Sunderland’s defenders head on and made a cross between them that was headed for the box. Henry leaped up with a flying jump kick to poke the ball in for another legendary goal for us, sending our away troop into a frenzy.  It was Henry’s last game in the Premiership for us and it was one helluva way for him to send the fans off.  Now, if only he could score against AC Milan later this coming week…

However, that night, things turned a bit dour as I was informed by said girl over the FB that yes, Whitney Houston passed away.  Yes, I mean THE Whitney Houston.  Y’know, the diva of divas who’s been having a tough time as of late?  There is still no real clue as to why she was found dead in her hotel room, but hopefully people will take the time to remember somebody who you could say that you probably heard on the radio once a day.  I’m sure there are a handful of assholes making comments about her drug problems and such, and although that it is clear that she did have substance abuse issues, I think it’s bad that she may be remembered for that then, I dunno, singing an 80s pop song or having a film career or being an astounding singer.  I’m not the biggest Whitney fan out there, and I’m not gonna jump the band wagon just because she died, but to overlook her talent for singing by focusing on her issues with drugs and trolling the net with it is in bad taste.  So, do me a favor folks, at least play one Whitney song for yourself and raise your glass to her.

Sunday was simply a lazy one filled with running and room cleaning, so nothing much for me to mention.  The grammys happened, and so did a Whitney tribute as well.  Otherwise, with another Wong Kar Wai film review and a few other things in the works, including a new YouTube video from yours truly, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Valentine’s Day is upon us, and although I don’t care much for it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  To all of those that do come by here and read every now and then, have a great week, enjoy it with somebody special if you can, and look forward to another weekend.  Cheers…


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