I’d Rather Walk Alone: Arsenal vs. Liverpool (3-3-2012)

After missing the first twenty minutes of the game thanks to something called sleep and a late night at “said girl’s” place, I was quickly updated with a shabby midfield display by the Gunners, the same midfield that tore down the Spuds the week before.  Szczesny made a magnificent save (or two) from Kuyt’s penalty AND rebound, which was all brought to you by that diving shite named Luis Suarez.  However, Arsenal were hardly making the mark at Anfield as Liverpool stretched them on the counterattack but produced little results due to some unlucky marksmanship, especially from that clown named Stewart Downing.  It got so bad for Liverpool in terms of actual scoring that Koscielny, who is usually excellent, made the unfortunate move of slicing in a ball meant for our keeper, but landed in our own net (see Liverpool, that’s how it’s done!).  The first half was not looking good at all…

But it all came down to the reliable Bacary Sagna to send in an immaculate cross from the right to get to RVP.  Robin plants his position, finds himself in front of that old asshat Carrahgher and plays Bonk’s Adventure with the ball, smashing it past Reina.  We were finally level.

The second half saw us play a tad bit bolder, but Liverpool continued to dominate possession and, yes, squander chances.  Arteta was knocked out by that teenager Henderson and unfortunately had to be carried out in a stretcher.  Diaby took over, but after a long spell in the injury list, he was re-introduced to it once again (but not before schooling some Liverpool midfielders on how to fucking dribble).  Suarez continued to find space to drive and dive, while other Liverpool players came to take shots on our keeper, but the SZCZ kept on blocking them all.  Hero of the day for sure, but an overtime tie seemed highly likely.  However, due to Arteta’s horrendous injury, extra time was chalked up to 8 minutes.  That’s when I got a bit nervous…

But something crazy happened.  Song popped up a floater above the Liverpool defenders, which found RVP’s left foot, and from there, he made a volley so sumptuous that you’d swear it would make Nigella Lawson’s tits blush (and they do from time to time, let me tell you).  It flew past Pepe’s hand and the rest is history.  Reina, Liverpool’s defence and the rest of the screaming monkeys at Anfield were utterly humiliated as our visiting Gooners rang loud with joy.  We were 2-1 at extra time, and that was all thanks to a good pass, and an immaculate finish.

With Szczesny being our man of the match, it’s no surprise for me to say that we were quite lucky on that day.  He’s young indeed, but with saves like that, there’s no denial that the man has talent.  However, Liverpool should be equally guilty of our win thanks to them missing out on so many opportunities due to some woeful finishing.  For us, our midfield performance was lacking to say the least, and the boys at Anfield had quite a bit more in terms of possession that we did, but what made the difference was clinical goalscoring.  The Gunners had their back to the wall all game long, but two passes and two crucial hits to the net from RVP were what sunk Liverpool, the latter being extremely hard to execute.  If you want to call that luck, then go right ahead, but as Arseblog has stated on his own post for this game, it’s good to get that at some point for us.  It was a messy game to say the least, but at least we can walk away with the thought that we can finish better than those Merseyside clowns.  However, with the likes of Suarez leading the pack at Anfield, maybe they shouldn’t be so concerned about finishing anything.  From the looks of it, Anfield should change their motto from “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to “You’d Rather Dive Alone.”


2 thoughts on “I’d Rather Walk Alone: Arsenal vs. Liverpool (3-3-2012)

  1. Great post Naika. All I can say is this:

    Robin Van Persie: 2.75 million
    Alex Song: 1 million
    Macca fumbling over his own words after the game and “King” Kanny looking like a clown at the whistle: Priceless

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