Arsenal vs. AC Milan , UEFA Champions League Round of 16 (3-6-2012): THE REVENGE!!!

So much has already been said about this game, much of it being a bit negative from sacks of shit like BBC’s Chris Bevan and all, but let’s be honest with ourselves.  We had a small sliver of hope ever since we were walloped at the San Siro.  Turning it around was already a monumental task, so the Gunners decided to give it all they got.  Sure they sulked as the scoreline read 3 – 0 at full time, but what a magnificent way to end it.

From Koscielny’s dolphin-like header to Rosicky’s return to midfield Mozart, the game showed shades and shades of positives.  Gibbs was as great a left back as ever, mixing great forward play with timely and tasteful clearances.  RVP had some dynamite chances (including an absolute cracker near the box that made the keeper go Superman on it), while the likes of Gervinho and the Ox mixed it up with gutsy drives and great performances in ball pressing.  Our defense was composed, and our Polish keeper was a source of constant motivation while maintaining a clean sheet for the team.  As for AC Milan, the likes of Boateng and Seedorf were absent, and, in some fashion, so was the rest of the team.  Ibrahimovic and Van Bommel sure can dive, but the big thing to moan about is that cunt of a ref who sure needs a roundhouse to the teeth.  It’s not as if the Rossoneri didn’t play like shit, but they weren’t up their best (thanks Thiago Silva!!).  As for what Wenger said that got UEFA all up in a tiff?  I smell a touchline ban again!

So while you’re remembering our Gunners sulk after the end of the match, with the Arsenal hate train ticking on and off the blogo / net / twitter-sphere, please take it to heart that the team played their collective asses off.  This is the kind of performance we need from our boys here, and lets hope that this will carry through towards the end of our domestic season.  It takes class and drive to did what we did in the face of a monumental defeat, and in the end, the very end, we did not disappoint.  Raise your guns high gents, and let’s aim for a fine finish this season…


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