Unexpected Lover

To those that may not know, T-Square’s “Unexpected Lover” is my #1 favorite track from the band, and it’s somewhat fitting at this moment given how much of a turn my personal life has taken.  I won’t divulge anything really, but what I do want to say, or maybe reiterate, is that friendship and love are not as mutually exclusive as one may think.  Maybe both lead us in either way, or, they lead us into an even worse path, but regardless, they lead you somewhere, especially if you take the road of friendship.  With that said, all I can say right now is that although I’m not in the most “ideal” situation, I am in a place where her heart is all that matters to me, and that she finds solace in what I say, and how committed I’ve been.  Her hand is the only one I yearn for, and her body is the only one I want to pull close to me as darkness rolls across the sky, and so far, it has not only become both gratifying and irresistible, but, in many ways, highly unexpected…


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