Will the Last Song be Sung?

With RVP whisked away to the realm of the Red Devils, we now find ourselves, as Gooners mind you, with the possibility of losing another long serving player (who just happens to be one of this blogger’s favorites), Alex Song.

In the span of two seasons, Alex has improved his game dramatically since he first wore the red and white in 2005, but with the recent flaunts from the now classless Catalans at Barcelona, it seems that Song may have to retract his “I’m happy at Arsenal” statement.  It’s a bit of a shock when just a few words from Barca can jaunt you to do anything from joining them (along with that ass of a man Dani Alves) to kicking your grandmother in the teeth.  It’s ambition after all, right?

I remember when I rekindled my interest in watching Arsenal, and the first game that showcased the glory of Song was during the 2010-2011 season as we defeated Chelsea at home.  It was Song’s tough run and scrummy goal in the box that opened the scoring that night, and it was fantastic.  He can tackle, break up plays, and he assists quite well for a DM.  Yes, he does give away the ball in very bad, spot-kick-ish areas, and he’s a bit more physical than what the Catalans would prefer (in my opinion), so Barca’s interest in him is a bit puzzling to say the least.

The worst part about all of this is that we could be saying bye-bye to someone who stood by us from his youth and onwards for seven years.  Maybe seven to eight years is too much to ask for in regards to serving one club, and I wouldn’t want to force any player to do so if they feel that their “ambitions” won’t be fulfilled, but let’s be honest, we are NOT a lower tiered team in the Premiership, and it’s not like we are NOT challenging for anything.  Alan Pardew finished 5th and apparently he seems to be lauded a lot more than Wenger’s lot.

In addition to all of this, the negative comments surrounding the club have swirled back once more.  The trolls that comment on anything that is Gunner related have always had the nerve of not only dismissing anything that could potentially be fitting or “good” for the club (i.e. new personnel like Giroud and Cazorla), but they hover around with a cloud of negativity that apparently seems to equal good hits on any one of your run of the mill football rumor spewing web-blog.  Song’s situation seemed insignificant when I first heard of Barca’s interest several days ago, but with Darren “Fuck You Arsenal” Dein at the helm, along with every other cunt of a football journalist whispering all over the place about how shitty Arsenal is, it’s no surprise that the rest of us sane Gooners are shaking our collective heads.

Whatever happens to Alex, I hope he doesn’t lose his cool with Arsene any further than what has been rumored already.  Once he goes to Barca, let’s hope he goes with some class, some dignity, and at least with an ounce of gratitude to all of those that have seen him grow into the fine player that he is now.  With all the good and bad that has happened at the Emirates during this year’s round of the silly season, the last thing that Alex Song should do is pull an RVP.

A Blurb about the New Boys at Arsenal

I don’t have many fancy things to say right now, but to have Cazorla unvelied at A.F.C. on MY BIRTHDAY yesterday is quite something. With Giroud & Podolski in the mix, I am super happy with what we are seeing right now.  Hell, from the photos you’ll find at Arsenal.com, I’d say Arteta’s MORE happy than I am about Santi. With Cesc and others praising his abilities, it’s no doubt that Cazorla will set the EPL ablaze.

Couple all of that with Giroud’s tenacity in the box and Lukas’ physical presence going forward, and you might just have yourselves a great group of Gunners in this season’s lineup.  Yes yes, it’s a bit early to say that things will improve instantaneously for us, but I’m simply describing my excitement about the whole thing, along with the rest of the Arsenal fanbase.  I’m sure we could do for a few more signings, but we’re not Chelski or the Mancs for chrissake, so let’s all just cool down a bit about wanting ANOTHER CB, LB, RB or QB, okay?

Otherwise, it’s a damn good time to be a Gooner.  Cheers guys!!