A Blurb about the New Boys at Arsenal

I don’t have many fancy things to say right now, but to have Cazorla unvelied at A.F.C. on MY BIRTHDAY yesterday is quite something. With Giroud & Podolski in the mix, I am super happy with what we are seeing right now.  Hell, from the photos you’ll find at Arsenal.com, I’d say Arteta’s MORE happy than I am about Santi. With Cesc and others praising his abilities, it’s no doubt that Cazorla will set the EPL ablaze.

Couple all of that with Giroud’s tenacity in the box and Lukas’ physical presence going forward, and you might just have yourselves a great group of Gunners in this season’s lineup.  Yes yes, it’s a bit early to say that things will improve instantaneously for us, but I’m simply describing my excitement about the whole thing, along with the rest of the Arsenal fanbase.  I’m sure we could do for a few more signings, but we’re not Chelski or the Mancs for chrissake, so let’s all just cool down a bit about wanting ANOTHER CB, LB, RB or QB, okay?

Otherwise, it’s a damn good time to be a Gooner.  Cheers guys!!


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