Arsenal are Mid-table? Or Medievil?

fypAs some of you footy fans are aware, Arsenal have been having a poor run of form as of late. I haven’t said much about them since their tie with the Blue Moon, but much of the energy that they’ve had in the beginning of the season has now been sapped. With Diaby injured, our defense shaky, and the man marking of Arteta impeding EVERYTHING, it’s hard for me to watch a game every weekend. Giroud seems to be coming to life, but the midfield issues need to be addressed because teams are really pressing the ball out of us. You saw this in the Everton game, the Swansea game, and now, today’s Olympiacos game. Wenger obviously wanted his young squad to get some experience today, but of course, they got a butt whooping instead.  In terms of depth, it’s good to see Wilshere back, but let’s face it, he’s still raw and recovering (like the rest of the guys I guess). Rosicky is a bit more welcome in my eyes, but as you saw today, he just picked up a knock once again after scoring. That forward drive has to return to the team, along with a faster tempo and better ball handling, or we may be in the dust…

I may have to accept that Arsenal are now a “mid-table team” and that will become more cannon fodder for the media and for those glory hunters, but all of you Gooners out there should remember to urge calm and change through sensible means here. What are we, Chelsea? I’d love Uncle Arsene to change up the formations, add more midfielders, have more capable squad members and spend on someone who can free up Arteta, but lets criticize with any sort of demonizing. This isn’t FIFA 11 from EA, okay?  You can leave that job to the fucking pundits for all I care.  Our form isn’t helping things much (along with the squad depth), but neither is this infighting. I know we seem to be “mid-table,” but not Medieval.

Otherwise, try to have a good one you fellow Gooners.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal are Mid-table? Or Medievil?

  1. Man, I would throw 20 million on the table for Fellani. We just need that physical presence in midfield that Diaby brings. Also, I would love to see us go 4-4-2 against teams that park the bus because when the opposition have ten men behind the ball, we don’t really need an extra midfielder.

    • Fellaini would be WONDERFUL, but how in God’s name are we gonna pry him off of Moyes’ hands? There’s no way David would let him go. However, another BtB MF to rotate for Jack / Arteta would be ideal, especially one that can really hold the ball. After what you said, 4-4-2 would be good for bus-parker teams, but one of those forwards has to be a really poacher / walk-in-the-box types. Oh, what did you think of the West Brom win? Aren’t we nailed to cross for diving eventhough Bale and Young (and Ridgewell from WBA I hear) do it with such little impunity or consequence?

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