Penn State’s Chi Omega Sorority “LOVES” Mexicans, including their ASIAN contingent!

W-Wh-WHY YOU DO THAT!?  HUH!?  WHY!!!????


Yahoo’s highlight of a controversial picture featuring Penn State’s Chi Omega sorority donning stereotypical Mexican garb while holding some insensitive signage brings a lot of notions to the mind. The main one being, “Why the fuck would you hold a party like this, and why would you put this up for folks to see on FB!?”  As Lily Beatty of Penn State’s Daily Collegian writes:

A photo circulated on Tumblr Monday night depicting members of the Chi Omega chapter at Penn State dressed in ponchos and sombreros. In the photo, members of the sorority are holding two signs — one that reads “Will mow lawn for weed + beer” and another that reads “I don’t cut grass I smoke it.”

Our common quota of immature, white female students with too much make-up are OBVIOUSLY already met, but check out what else we see: Two asian sistahs ready to hang with da’ majority!! Oh man, daddy not gonna rike this now will he? Or maybe he don’t care, as a long as you a bring a gooda grade and becoma doctah, who fuk care, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!?????

Jokes aside, this is kinda NOT GOOD for any Asian or Asian-American living here tooting-up any progressive ideas in regards to race relations.  I’m sure that Asian-Amercian men in college can probably do much worse when trying to fit in (roofies maybe?  I dunno),  but overall, I just don’t expect this from my fellow sistahs.  I always felt that my APA sistahs are always much more intelligent, progressive, courageous and more inspired (in many respects) than some of our male counterparts when it comes to fighting for equal rights and representation (no diss on the males that do), but this doesn’t do them justice at all.  If anything, those two individuals are probably just as dumb as the rest of the folks in the photo.  God, looking at this photo makes me wanna stick my dong in a bear-trap while dipping it in acid.

Oh, and one more thing to you two Asian ladies sporting the sombreros.  Our righteous sistahs from DISGRASIAN also have a few words for you too, and yes, they’re much worse that whatever I can muster at the moment.  Do I see some cosplay of Slant-eyed Asian Submissives with a Coolie in your future?  I hope not…

1 thought on “Penn State’s Chi Omega Sorority “LOVES” Mexicans, including their ASIAN contingent!

  1. Well the best way to prove you’re white and have ascended to “respectable society” is to repudiate people who are like you: fellow immigrants, Asian brothers who remind you of your father, etc. One thing I give props to Indian youths is that they realize they aren’t white and will never be so why the fuck pretend? Because as much as the Asian girls who want to be white are loathe to admit, when it’s midnight on a Saturday and they and their sorority sisters go out for some late night Chinese or Asian themed eatery, their sisters from Indiana will be asking them to explain what Egg Foo Young, Chop Suey, and General Tsao’s Chicken tastes like despite the fact that two out of the three items were invented in America.

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