Happy Lunar New Year!!! It’s the Year of the Snake!!!

Boris%20Vallejo%20-%20Mirage%20-%2010%20-%20AloneYes, the moon turns in and gives us a brand new year, and that is the year of the snake!  Wisdom and intelligence reign, but there’s always a flip-side, and with all the hub-bub that’s happened in 2012, who knows what could happen in 2013.  With a gritty, down-and-dirty win over Sunderland for the Gunners starting the morning off, the day of dumplings and desserts rolled on, thanks to the girlfriend and some wonderful hosts and guests.  What else could you ask for to start the new year?

With a full stomach after dumpling eating, there’s much to love about Lunar New Year.  Though it isn’t an actual holiday here in the States, the staggering amount of Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans that live and thrive here would make you wonder why it isn’t.  Regardless, for those of you that observe it, have a wonderful new year, and let’s hope that what we see and experience this time around will be both educational and beneficial.  Cheers!!


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