Hop on over to a Grasshopper!

grasshopperFor all of us who enjoy a nice drink every now and then, it’s good to note that sometimes it just isn’t necessary to simply booze out when you order that special cocktail for yourself on a Friday night.  We’ve got our yummy Mai Tais, the Cosmos, the Martinis and the Margaritas, but in the world of hot people in hot places, that usually spells out the words “WILD” and “STYLISH” in bold-faced print.  That isn’t to say that those drinks aren’t great, but lets be fair to ourselves folks, we’ve all had them before and we’ve all had them from the same kinds of places, some of which are too noisy for their own damn good.  Taking in a strong drink transmits to us (and everyone else around us) the idea that we’re tough, we’re here to impress and that we’re taking our drinkin’ seriously.  Yes I admit that I do take my drinking seriously at times, but it makes me wonder if I’m a bit too focused on what that drink says about me rather than emphasizing on how that drink makes me feel after I’ve consumed it.

This should be an ample enough introduction now to my new favorite: the Grasshopper.  Laden with a mysterious history, the Grasshopper is a simple cocktail with a pleasant taste that’s sure to loosen up our hard drinkin’ mores for the sake of fun and relaxation.  Yes, you heard me, fun and relaxation.  The drink itself is nothing uber serious, you just mix one part of green Creme de Menthe with one part white Creme de Cacao and one or two parts of half & half over ice, shake well in your shaker and just pour it over a nicely chilled glass.  I prefer 2 parts of half & half since that gives the drink a much more creamy texture and lessens the “sting” of the alcohol.  Garnishes can include sprinkles of nutmeg, mint leaves, or whatever else you might fancy, but as long as you stick to that main recipe, it’s a drink that you really REALLY can’t mess up.

Reintroduced to me by the GF through a Big Bang Theory episode, the Grasshopper was the very first cocktail that I’ve ever made, and although it’s nothing complicated or alluring, its simplicity alone should really indicate to everyone that this is a drink worth trying out.  Its milkshake-like texture, greenish color and undeniably minty flavor is honestly hard to pass up, and if you’re still interested in messing up your Friday night by chasing tail at your local bar, then maybe it might help as a breath freshener to boot (but I’d suggest it as an aperitif instead).  Smooth, minty and ultimately fun, the Grasshopper is a must have whether you’re at your local bar or in the peaceful confines of your own home.  Oh, and yes, thanks to the GF, I make it very often.  Cheers everyone! (OP image courtesy of The Poisoned Martini)

1 thought on “Hop on over to a Grasshopper!

  1. Interesting. I look forward to trying this in the near future. Besides the G&T I’m always fond of, I do like myself a negroni (campari and gin with a splash of sweet vermouth).

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