Dirty Thirty

birthday fire
So yes, it’s official. The guy who made one of the stupidest videos featuring GIF files EVER (okay, maybe not EVER) has turned THREE-ZERO, and guess what? It’s gonna happen to everyone. It’s gonna happen to you, your neighbor’s asshole of a kid, Adol from Y’s, that tramp that has her own YouTube channel that has more subs that YOUR measley channel ever will and your cocksuckeer of a grandfather….assuming he died and is reincarnated into an even bigger asshole.

It’s a strange feeling that when you read blogs or see modern media, you (or at least I) feel that it’s being catered to that twenty something crowd, but now that the day has come when you’re finally not part of that category, it…well, doesn’t feel any different. I’m still the same jerk that thinks about making AMVs, collecting games (when money allows it), scouting out settings for Action Street’s big come back and so on and so on. Hell, work’s been so crazy that I haven’t had THAT much time to even let the feeling sink in. However, with a great GF and good co-workers and friends, it makes the feeling of finally hitting the big THREE-ZERO a whole lot nice.

Well, that’s my short blurb about aging. I hope that’ll be the last of ’em. Here’s to more goodness for yours truly on the YouTube channel and more Pulitzer worthy smut being written here on this blog. Thanks everyone for reading and staying around for this long.



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