RAMBO REVOLUTION: Arsenal vs. Stoke City (9-22-2013)

Ramsey arsenal stoke win 2013I haven’t written about Arsenal in quite a while, but it’s great to see them in fine form and striding away with well deserved wins.  With yet another silly season behind us, we’ve emerged with 2 free signings in the form of Yaya Sanogo and former Gunner Matthieu Flamini, a great deal of off-loading and Real Madrid’s assist-king Mesut Ozil in our ranks.  The signing of the summer in my honest opinion, his price tag is well worth whatever Bale’s was, and the fact that we flexed the financial muscle to get him shows that we can spend the money when we feel it necessary.  Ozil’s impact to Arsenal’s style of play has been tremendous, along with one other Young Gunner, the stalwart Welshman Aaron Ramsey.

He’s divided many opinions among the Arsenal faithful, but whatever ill you’ve thought of him in recent years now needs to be eaten with 50 spoonfuls of humble pie.  Last season, his shifts as a right back and all-purpose midfielder have shown us that he’s ready to give whatever the team wants, but his recent displays as a box-to-box powerhouse illustrate that not only has his confidence returned, so to has his tenacity.  With commanding performances where he’s dribbled through players, made smarter passes and has FUCKING scored 7 goals in 8 games, you start to realize why Wenger has truly kept the faith with Aaron.  Not many managers can do that, and, unfortunately, not many fans can either.

ramsey vs sunderland arsenal 2013 goalRamsey always had it in him to make things possible by playing a direct game, but his recent exploits in Marseille, Sunderland and Stoke have shown us that his footballing brain has gotten bigger, with his last goal against Sunderland being my favorite of his so far.  In addition, let’s not take anything away from the rest of the squad.  Giroud is scoring like a real striker should be, while the midfield is really putting their work in like heroes.  Although the defense has always been a point of contention at the Emirates, we’ve seen everyone from Gibbs to Per make great saves (along with the SZCZ).  Jenkinson himself is a fantastic crosser and Sagna continues to retain the title of “Mr. Reliable” all the while scoring today with a fabulous header today.  The team is riding high at the moment, and Ramsey’s influence has helped in paving the path for everyone to play on with spirit.

Maybe it’s too early to say glowing things about Arsenal now, but let’s bask ourselves in this for a little bit, shall we?  We’ve got injuries but those folks will come around.  We’ve flexed our money muscle and people are taking notice.  We played physical football against the Orcs of Stoke and we beat them with Setpieces….can you believe that?  And what’s more?  We’ve got Aaron Ramsey in fine form, and if he keeps this up, then we’ll truly have a Rambo Revolution on our hands.