Weekend Roundup (11/23/2013 to 11/24/2013)

giroud vs boruc 11232013

Quiet weekends are usually good weekends and in this case, it was damn good!  Saturday morning started out well with a good win from Arsenal at home against in-form Southampton and my, was it a cracker!  The Saints played very well in the first half, but some luck from Artur Boruc’s horrible work in front of goal saw Arsenal’s Giroud steal the ball from him to score on the spot (muhaha!).  Despite what the BBC’s written, luck wasn’t the only thing that helped us will that day.  With solid defending, great build-up play and a penalty for us due to Per getting his jersey yanked, we convincingly closed out the kind of game that we would usually falter with years ago.  How’s that for a good start to the weekend?

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Huang Fei Hong Spicy Peanuts are the SHIT!!!


It’s probably no coincidence that this awesome snack is named after the famed martial artist from Foshan because Huang Fei Hong’s irresistable combinantion of crunchy, jumbo peanuts (from Shandong province mind you), chillis and peppercorns pack the right amount of kick that will keep you begging for more.  It’s a relatively simple snack that’s a farcry from the stuff we usually gobble here in the States, but maybe that’s what makes it so great to eat.  How can peanuts simply taste so good?

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