Weekend Roundup (11/23/2013 to 11/24/2013)

giroud vs boruc 11232013

Quiet weekends are usually good weekends and in this case, it was damn good!  Saturday morning started out well with a good win from Arsenal at home against in-form Southampton and my, was it a cracker!  The Saints played very well in the first half, but some luck from Artur Boruc’s horrible work in front of goal saw Arsenal’s Giroud steal the ball from him to score on the spot (muhaha!).  Despite what the BBC’s written, luck wasn’t the only thing that helped us will that day.  With solid defending, great build-up play and a penalty for us due to Per getting his jersey yanked, we convincingly closed out the kind of game that we would usually falter with years ago.  How’s that for a good start to the weekend?


And with the GF still recovering from a neck knack, a great deal of the weekend had us watching TV, namely some episodes of her favorite shows, including Supernatural (because all chicks like Dean Winchester).  We also decided to jam on some old Hong Kong action with Tsui Hark’s Once Upon a Time in China films starring Jet Li as the titular Chinese folk hero Huang Fei-Hong.  Saturday night was devoted to the first film, while Sunday had us jamming on the second.  Despite the films’ relative age, they still pack the same punch that they had all those years ago.


Interspersed in between these moments was me playing some Tetris Attack, namely the Puzzle mode, which I’ve never dabbled in until now.  Simple puzzles become brainteasers requiring a specific number of moves which not only test your understanding of the game, but can truly frustrate you if you let them.  Luckilly, the GF was there to sort many of them out, but believe me when I tell that some of them had us pissed for moments on end.  I was even playing Konami’s Batman Returns on Saturday as well, but it didn’t keep me on my toes as much as Tetris Attack did (but I will say that Catwoman is a BITCH!).


And lastly, we paid a nice visit to Tampa’s Thai Temple, Wat Mongkolratanaram, by Palm River road, with some of the GFs coworkers tagging along.  It was a windy day, but things were still cooking as we had ourselves a big pile of Thai food and desserts.  With bowls of beef noodle soup, curries with rice, and desserts ranging from cassava cakes to Sticky Rice with coconut milk and mangoes, we all knew we were in Heaven.  Too bad there weren’t any curry puffs for me to chew on.  Overall, it was a great weekend leading up to the big one we’ll all get on Turkey Day.  Have a great week folks!


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