Naika Reviews “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil”


Yep, it’s that time of year again where I take it upon myself to review (and recommend) a horror movie, and for this year, I’m throwing my hat to Eli Craig’s 2010 horror comedy Tucker & Dale vs Evil.  It’s become quite a cult hit in my opinion, and thanks to Netflix, the girlfriend and I have enjoyed it immensely.  Part of its appeal to me might simply be how the gore works out, but much of it is because it’s horror comedy done right.

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Ludi Lin is the Black Ranger! WHOA!!


Yeah, I admit it, I was a big Power Rangers fan in my young years and continue to be to this day (mainly of the Saban days before Disney snatched the franchise.  When I heard that Lionsgate had planned a movie reboot of the franchise, I felt skeptical given the whole remake climate that’s swarmed Hollywood in recent years.  However, with news that the film might be canon with the extensive world that’s been built up in the Power Rangers Universe, things have looked a bit brighter from my perspective.

R.J. Cycler, Naomi Scott and Dacre Montgomery have already been cast as the Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger and Red Ranger respectively, and with news that Chinese-Canadian actor Ludi Lin will take the helm as the Black Ranger, I’m now pretty stoked on all sorts of levels.  We haven’t had an Asian guy play a Black Ranger since the days of Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park, and those were some good days indeed.  Here’s hoping that Ludi will rock the role as the Black Ranger and that he’ll kick all sorts of ass in the film.  Asian Black Ranger?  Count me in!

UPDATES 10-19-2015


Yes, the blog has gotten a slight face-lift this weekend, with a sleek new font and some new header images that continue to coincide with the lounge / bar theme I’ve established. The Recommendations page has also been updated as well with links to all my favorite sites, new and old, along with the About page.

Some of the articles that I have in the pipeline involve some nostalgia, while some ideas that I’m brainstorming will involve food, so please stay tuned and thanks again for those that support the blog.  Cheers!

Eat a Bear Trap Mourinho

Football Everton v Chelsea - Barclays Premier League

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything football related and unfortunately, rather than blurb about Arsenal’s 2 recent FA Cup victories (we broke the goddamned drought you fucks), our heroic dismantling of Manchester United, RVP’s wonder own-goal or Ozil’s 27th birthday, I want to chat about the cunt that is the darling of the English football press, but the scourge of all that is holy in Football: Jose Mourinho.

For me to see Chelsea so low at the table (16th place as I write this) is a joy I rarely indulge in, especially when it comes after both their purchase of last season’s Premier League title and our purchase of their prized goalkeeper Petr Cech.  Yes, Cesc is there in Stamford Bridge still, but with the way he’s been playing, I certainly hope that he won’t be for long. The Special One seems to have not only lost the plot in the dressing room (and in the medical room I might add with Dr. Carneiro), but he continues to lose it in the press room with incoherent drivel at every turn, with some of it thrown indirectly at our manager. Well fuck you Jose, and go eat a fucking bear trap.

I relish the day where Mourinho’s bullshit anti-football bites him back in the ass and gets Chelski relegated, but that will be too good to be true.  However, weekly implosions will suffice.  Until then, cheers to you Jose, and enjoy that platter of bear-chomping goodness as it smiles back at you….you fuck.  COYG!!!