Ludi Lin is the Black Ranger! WHOA!!


Yeah, I admit it, I was a big Power Rangers fan in my young years and continue to be to this day (mainly of the Saban days before Disney snatched the franchise.  When I heard that Lionsgate had planned a movie reboot of the franchise, I felt skeptical given the whole remake climate that’s swarmed Hollywood in recent years.  However, with news that the film might be canon with the extensive world that’s been built up in the Power Rangers Universe, things have looked a bit brighter from my perspective.

R.J. Cycler, Naomi Scott and Dacre Montgomery have already been cast as the Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger and Red Ranger respectively, and with news that Chinese-Canadian actor Ludi Lin will take the helm as the Black Ranger, I’m now pretty stoked on all sorts of levels.  We haven’t had an Asian guy play a Black Ranger since the days of Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park, and those were some good days indeed.  Here’s hoping that Ludi will rock the role as the Black Ranger and that he’ll kick all sorts of ass in the film.  Asian Black Ranger?  Count me in!


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