Arsenal and Chances


I was unable to see the entire clash between the Gunners and City this Monday, but that’s why we have highlights.  BBC’s Live Updates kept me nervy, but after 3 fabulous goals (both Theo’s and Yaya’s in particular), the game ended 2-1 to the Gunners.  This closes the gap to Leicester and puts a nice 4 point cushion between us and the Blue Moon.  Frankly, I’m both thrilled and relieved.

I haven’t spoken much about the Gunners recently, but there’s such a feel good vibe about being a Gooner this year.  From back-to-back FA Cups to the acquisition of Petr Cech (along with the shit-sacking of Jose Mourinho), things continue to look up for us, and it’s showing on the faces of our players.  Wenger spoke of a togetherness in the team despite the injuries and you really feel that these lads are playing for each other.  Ozil is shining as the star that we all thought he is, Coquelin, despite injuries, is a beast, Joel Campbell is making a name for himself and Ollie G is just tucking the goals away.  Cech continues to secure our goalmouth while the four in front of him deserve so much credit as well.  How can we get this far without such a solid back line like this?

It’s too early to tell where we’ll be come the end of the season, but so far, things are looking great.  COYG!!


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