One Hundred


I occasionally wonder what was the whole point in making this blog.  Part of me thinks that it was a way to flesh out how confounded I was when I met my GF to be.  Part of me also thinks it was because GrumpyGrad inducted me to vestiges of WordPress.  Or maybe I slowly realized that the jig was up for my YouTube account and this was my back-up plan.  Nevertheless, I have many people to thank for helping me keep this small refuge of utter nonsense up and running, so here goes.

To GrumpyGrad, thanks for introducing me to WordPress.  It’s a lovely place that allows me to live my dream of having my own site, albeit indirectly.  You’ve been a massive supporter of my writing and of me and my family personally and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.  If only you would return to writing again old friend.

To my brother and parents, you’ve always been fond of me and I thank you all for being such wonderful people.  My brother in particular has been a hero to me in many ways and I am glad to say that he’s shaken some of his concerns with the outside world and is striving to look for work in full force and I will push him on for as long as it takes until he gets something.  Anything.  If there’s any divine force that can help me repay the kindness and love my brother’s given me, please pay it back by getting him a stable job.

To my former YouTube colleagues, it’s nice to see a few of you drop by here.  That I’ve been sought out makes me feel appreciated despite my low subscriber number.  My YouTube years were great and provided me some much needed comfort away from some of the mundane aspects of Florida.  Nevertheless, the Sunshine State does have some perks, but believe me, they aren’t so obvious.

And lastly to the most important dedication, and that’s to my lovely GF.  I look in shame sometimes that this is the same lady who I pinned and lamented on, who confounded me yet astounded me on this very blog.  That she’s read my blog and has even forgiven me about writing about her speaks volumes yet making her mine was only the beginning.  You have to fight to keep what you love most and staying together was, in many ways, a tempest in its own right.  We’ve survived the fear of unemployment, moving, argument after argument, illness and now distance yet we are still together.  I don’t think that says much about me, but it speaks much on her.  Thank you for loving me like you do, thank you for understanding me, for uplifting me and for reminding me that the best things in life can be simple and understated.  We’ve traveled far together, suffered the brunt of academia together, hugged Mushable Pot Belly Monkeys together, laughed, cheered and cried together and we continue to do so despite being so far away from each other now.  To you babe, thank you for everything, and thank you for being the best person in my life.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Monkey Year and Happy Victory to Arsenal!

To all of you who continue to visit this blog, thank you again.  May we write and talk for many more years to come.