Heaven is Purple Tonight


My father used to tell me that if there was one musician who was an underrated genius, it would be Prince.  Gifted in song, vision, fashion and musicianship, Prince was, and is, an icon in the truest sense.  He stood out in so many ways, and his music, especially in the 80’s, has a timelessness that continues to defy conventions.  And speaking of conventions, Prince himself was unconventional in every sense.  He challenged our notions of not only what was sexy, but about what it meant to be yourself.  He wasn’t afraid of criticism, and he certainly wasn’t afraid of the Music Industry either.   Hirohiko Araki, author of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, loves Prince so much that he models much of his work (from Unbreakable Diamond onward) on his face and fashions.  Like Bowie, Maurice White, and a whole host of others who have passed so suddenly this year, I felt like they’d never go, and yet here we are on a Thursday, shocked at work to find the man who churned the clouds to give us Purple Rain is gone.  There was still so much that I didn’t know or experience with this magician.  I’ve never listened to his newer material.  I missed out on his Super Bowl performance.  I still haven’t sat down to watch Purple Rain.  With doves crying in the downpour, it’s clear for us to see that Heaven is Purple tonight.

You’re a jerk Skeletor


Let me be clear and say that the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, is a huge jerk.  His nicknames include Skeletor and Voldemort, and for good reason.  He loves to cut programs.  He likes to play party politics.  He basically declined free stimulus money that was destined for what could’ve been the first high speed rail system in the country and feels like ‘hey, lets support ports!’  He also can’t take criticism and shuts out interviews. Oh, and he likes to plead the fifth…especially when it comes to health fraud.  Simply put, Rick Scott is a disgrace to the State of Florida.

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