You’re a jerk Skeletor


Let me be clear and say that the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, is a huge jerk.  His nicknames include Skeletor and Voldemort, and for good reason.  He loves to cut programs.  He likes to play party politics.  He basically declined free stimulus money that was destined for what could’ve been the first high speed rail system in the country and feels like ‘hey, lets support ports!’  He also can’t take criticism and shuts out interviews. Oh, and he likes to plead the fifth…especially when it comes to health fraud.  Simply put, Rick Scott is a disgrace to the State of Florida.

So when Cara Jennings took Scott to task on his bill that essentially screws around with Planned Parenthood at a Starbucks last week, it’s no surprise that he walked away while doing what he does best: mouth off sound bites and surround himself with his ‘entourage.’

This video proves that women have more cajones than men in many respects simply because they have none to lose.  Shit, I wish I had the balls to call Scott out on some of the crap that he’s gotten away with.  However, none of us expected to get a rebuttal so soon.  Just last Sunday, Rick Scott released this video below which was a DIRECT attack on Cara above, and it’s God awful.

How Rick Scott pooled the funds and resources to make a video in only a few days makes me wonder where the fuck his priorities are, and it sure ain’t about serving the people of Florida.  It illustrates that Scott not only lacks class, but credibility.  Moreover, it once again proves how out of touch he and the rest of his ‘gang’ are with the rest of the state.  Cara was interviewed recently about her encounter with Scott and goes into more detail about it below, which once again tells us that he’s a jerk.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you find your Governor picking on concerned citizens.  It looks bad on him.  It tarnishes the already damaged reputation of the state and makes the rest of us wonder if Rick Scott is waging some sort of ideological war against common sense programs that provide for others.  This was not the kind of Florida that I voted for, and if you did, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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