Bidding Farewell to the 2015-2016 Premier League Season


There are so many words I could use to describe the Gunners’ season, but given that much has happened on Sunday (including that horrible scare at Old Trafford), I truly can’t use many words like “Wenger Out” or “Time for Change.”  We’re lucky that we’ve all got to enjoy our football in one piece obviously, but if there’s a phrase I could use, its “Missed Opportunity.”  With horrible losses to the likes of Swansea, United, Chelsea and Southampton (the latter two being refereeing catastrophes), it’s horrible to see our title hopes become forfeit like that.  Injuries have also, once again, demolished us, so I hope next season, we’ll finally figure out a way to rest and rotate our players accordingly.  With Leicester now Champions, it’s easy to throw Arsenal under the bus and ask “If they could, why couldn’t we?”, but have a look at United, Citeh and Chelski.  The Foxes took it one game at a time in a season where no one (save for Arsenal) took them seriously on the pitch.  Congrats to them of course, but I can bow out of this season knowing that my Gunners did their part against them.  This really is history in the making so bravo to LCFC.

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Naika Reviews “DOPE”


Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope is the nerd comedy that our young generation needed.  Before that, the only big budget film depicting nerd life to me was Revenge of the Nerds, and that was in the 80’s.  Sure, there’s been other movies that touched on the subject, but nothing comes close to the zaniness and vulnerability of the Nerd film quite like Dope has.  2016 is a different time now and we all would like things to be a bit more diverse, so it’s refreshing to see that finally, a black nerd takes center stage.

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