I kid you not. This is a gym around where I used to work in Tampa. Can you guess what kind of gym it is?

When you watch a film like Zack Snyder’s 300, there’s so much in it that appeals to us in a primitive sense.  There’s this sense that you, the hero (or in this case, Sparta) and his or her way of life is threatened by foreign hordes.  There’s also this inherent love of muscle and military might that borders on the fanatical.  Lastly, there’s this inherent feeling of righteousness in smiting the ‘other’, which is exemplified in the film’s last words from Dillios:

The enemy outnumber us a paltry three to one, good odds for any Greek. This day we rescue a world from mysticism and tyranny and usher in a future brighter than anything we can imagine.

I remember how twisted my feelings got when I heard those last words in the theater.  Sure I had fun, but I seriously never knew that in the years to come, that “world [of] mysticism and tyranny” meant me…meant us.

That was 2006.  10 years ago.  It’s 2016 now, and those ideas and feelings from something as inconsequential as a Zack Snyder film are all around us in plain view.  I won’t assume that these ideas are anything new, but to have them put in front of me in such an appalling manner is terrifying.  It’s as if the subtle white identity politics that were skimming around the surface of 300’s pot have now come to boil, ravaging everything out of fear.  This is especially so for women, African-Americans, and immigrants.  No one embodies this kind of ‘Sparta’ bravado more than the Trump.  This year alone, I cannot tell you how strange it feels to wake up every morning to hear a new controversy from Donald Trump’s mouth.  How in the fuck he rose up this high continues to anger me, but I’m sure as hell convinced that whatever chances he did take to get this far, he grabbed them hard by the p*ssy.  Literally.

I’m not trying to make myself a saint, a stalwart of liberal values or even a righteous person because I’m not.  I personally think myself to be a bad human being who reminds himself every day that I am bad or awful in order to help other human beings get through their day.  However, there are many human beings that won’t see things that way.  Many will see their irredeemable qualities as values for success, and for me, that fuels these folks to do hideous and heinous things (right Wells Fargo?).  Trump’s humdinger musings to kiss and fuck anything with two legs is only but an example of this.  Yes I know, it’s talk that you have with other guy friends and all, but seriously Donald, keep that horrible shit to yourself.  Is it any wonder why women hate the misogyny of men?  Is it any wonder why women decry the boys club antics that we all exhibit in any sort of industry or institution?

And if women are to be strewn around as objects, OUR objects, then we obviously don’t give a damn about who we call the OTHERS.  America’s issues with the reckless endangerment, killing and mass incarceration of African-Americans have been too easy to ignore 30 some years ago.  The nation is obviously too scared to admit it’s insecurities about these issues, but if we seriously want to show that we give a damn about the kinds of Americans that have helped defined our way of life without any of the praise or applause that white folks of the same talent or credentials seem to get, then we seriously SERIOUSLY need to stop saying stupid shit like ‘all lives matter.’  How the fuck can Black people STILL be considered the ‘other’ when they’ve done so much for this country?

Black men unfortunately get the worst of these retaliatory ills that plague the U.S.  Although the rest of us ‘OTHERS’ do not experience these consequences to these degrees, many of us in immigrant enclaves experience something else that’s a bit more subtle and all too familiar.


Racist piece of chickenshit Jesse Watters doing stuff for racist chickenshit Bill O’Reilly.

The Watters segment on Bill O’Reilly earlier this month is an utter piece of shit that reminds us how deplorable the news business can be when it wants to be.  I’m still trying to get over my anger over the reviews related to Birth of the Dragon and now this shit rolls it’s ugly ass face over me.  Seriously man.  What. The. Fuck.  The backlash from the segment was massive, with many calling it a mocking, anti-Asian slap in the face that Jenn Fang from ReAppropriate considers to be “among the most flamboyantly unapologetic anti-Asian segments I’ve seen to receive cable news airtime in the last several years.”  So when Ronny Chieng of the Daily Show heard about this, he made sure he had something to fucking say about it.

If the Spartans are pointing their gladius’ at the hordes of gooks, beaners, curry-eaters and coons ready to take their livelihoods, they should look around them and realize that no one is trying to change their way of life.  We are not forcing you to acknowledge tyranny, sharia and occult mysticism over individuality.  We are not the savage huns, the fearsome ‘dark continent’ that you Kipling buffs seeks to ‘civilize’ or the raping hordes of Imperial Japan.  We just want you to acknowledge your faults so that we can all work on fixing them.  We are simply people who are here and we want to make things better for everyone, including the folks that hate us.

And why not?

It was my idea that being a conservative means that you want to conserve your way of life.  However, as history has always taught us, it means doing so at a heavy cost.  In many cases, that cost is the dignity, love, monogamy and lives of ‘others’.  At this point in time, being a conservative seems to be about being a dick to everyone without any reprieve or remorse about it.  If you disagree, then please tell me.  Tell me again if the free market will fix short term thinking.  Tell me again how much you want Chinese money while saying so much awful shit about them (including Chinese Americans).  Tell me again how you’ll keep refugees out to preserve the sanctity of our nation without shedding a fucking tear for little kids covered in blood.  Oh and while you’re at it, tell me again about how ‘all lives matter,’ because it’s 2016, and for the 32 years that I’ve spent living in this country, it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.

And to that, I say ‘Fuck Sparta!’


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