What Have We Done?


I continue to be filled with both despair and fire after Tuesday’s result, where the popular vote for Hilary was overshadowed by the Electoral juggernaut of Donald Trump.  Nothing encapsulates this more than Van Jones’ emotional response on the verge of the Republican’s grasp of the Presidency.

From the words of many a Trump supporter, we were basically told to “Get over it” and other glib words that avoid any sort of true engagement.  Hilary was never the perfect candidate.  From her history with ‘super-predators’ to her secret emails, many a man can find infinite reasons to hate her and the Democratic party, but nothing can overshadow the direct and consequential vitriol that Trump spewed throughout the campaign.  Many feel that he doesn’t mean to be horrible, but that comes with the package unfortunately.  As Daniel Engber states on Slate:

This is the lesson of the racist, misogynist candidacy of Donald Trump. We thought these labels, once applied, would stop him in his tracks—that if we could only “prove” that Trump was racist and sexist, we’d reach some common ground of moral decency, and all but the most extreme Trump supporters would have to back away from him. In the end, though, we misunderstood the vagueness of those terms. Labeling Trump didn’t work, because there is no common ground in America when it comes to what those labels mean. No matter what Trump said about women or Muslims or black people, millions of Americans will never see him as a racist and misogynist. That’s not about to change.

Now, it’s very easy to tell me that everything will be alright under a Trump Presidency.  However, for us non-white residents, the ramifications and life-and-death reality of living in the U.S. after this election have raged in full force.  Reports of knives, eggs thrown and children chanting xenophobic slurs have popped up at various instances throughout the country.  If you’d like to tell me that it’s all in good fun, then I invite you to convince me otherwise.

With Trump announcing Priebus and Bannon as a part of his cabinet, we can only wonder what else the Donald is thinking, given that one is part of the so-called establishment that voters rallied against, and another is a top man from Breitbart news.  For now however, there is so much that the rest of us need to do.  We need to be strong, band together and we need to fight against every thing the next 4 years will throw at us.  It is bleak right now, and me and my GF are saddened and filled with despair.  I hope these feelings will pass, but for now, I need to dwell on this more…


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