HAT TRICK HERO: West Ham United vs. Arsenal (EPL 12-3-2016)

Britain Soccer Premier League

I can’t understand the rubbish coming from Alan Shearer when he refuses to admit that Alexis fucking Sanchez is world-class.  Even Gary fucking Lineker says he is, and he’s a Spud!  That movement, that guile, that FUCKING HAT TRICK!  Are you kidding me???

I get it that we left it late to pounce on the Hammers but when we got our gears going, we were vicious.  Ox and Monreal had great performances last Saturday (Ox’s goal being excellent by the way) but Alexis was the standout.  He was simply tremendous and it’s my hope that what he’s doing will push Giroud, Lucas and Welbeck to be lethal killers in the six yard box (Giroud is fine, but definitely Danny and Lucas).

All in all, it was a captivating performance after ties with the Spuds, Man Utd (ha ha Mourinho) and a win at Bournemouth (who by the won against Liverpool like heroes last Sunday).  Let’s keep this up and hope for better things from the Gunners as the year draws to a close.


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