August, September and October have been AWFUL

I’m serious.  These last few months have been utter shit.  First off, we had storms.  Crazy ass storms, like Harvey and Maria.  The latter of these storms have crippled an island full of Americans (assuming you consider Puerto Ricans as Americans, and if you don’t, then shame on you) who, in the words of Donnie Trump, should be grateful that they weren’t hit by “a real catastrophe like Katrina.”  Seriously, what kind of President SAYS that to his fellow Americans AFTER a catastrophe?

Furthermore, what kind of President risks the lives of millions of people across East Asia by joking about nuclear war, making fun of his Secretary of State on Twitter and insulting a Dictator with a line from an Elton John song?  Seriously, who the hell does that?

Then we had the whole NFL kneel-gate, where Trump basically hates ANYONE that questions the flag WHILE Puerto Rico is undergoing this massive crisis.  And yes, he did this WHILE demonizing players who protest the anthem (you know, sons of bitches…) publicly, when he could’ve demonized those Nazis marching all over Charlottesville.  I hope y’all know how much I hate Trump as a President, but dear God he’s really REALLY good at being an awful, AWFUL human being.

And then there’s Las Vegas.

Gun control?  Security?  Being safe at a music concert despite having toothless policies to police firearms in American?  Ha ha ha.  Yeah right motherfuckers.  I’m not even appalled by this antifa fake news conspiracy bullshit.  I’ll just shake my head and move on because cowards in Congress don’t believe in actual, common sense gun regulations that EVERYONE agrees should happen here.  This shit should not have happened, and yet here we are….again.  Dear God…

I think Trevor Noah’s video below sums up a lot of what I’ve been feeling for the past few months.

Yeah, it’s been a horrible few months…

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