Arsenal F.C.

So by now, I think it’s safe for me to say that yes, I am a football fan.  No, I’m not talking about 4 quarters and 100 commercials thrown at you in the span of three hours, but 90+ minutes of tough, running filled, smart, possession and passing oriented football.  I’ve always had a liking for Arsenal since I was a kid in high school, thanks to the time spent watching the World Cup and seeing Henry and all, but I never MADE much time to watch it since it was hard to come by through cable, and if it did come on, I’d ignore Ljungberg for a chance to study for classes, and unfortunately, the same could be said during college.

But with more time on my hands as an adult and a renewed interest in the game, thanks in no so small part to my Dad, I now make more time to watch and at the very least read up on all things Arsenal.  I love the club, I love it’s history, I love what they’ve accomplished (hey, they were Invincible for fuck’s sake) and I love what it stands for amidst all the money that’s always being thrown around in the EPL.  It’s surprising that I always link what I write about Arsenal to what’s being said in the BBC because from what I gather, they don’t fancy the North London outfit too much, but I guess that’s the price you pay when you refuse to buy class.  I like to link what I write with what’s being written about them, but it doesn’t always have to be about the club’s many critics.  Many of the bloggers I read, including Arseblog and Grumpygrad, are great reads when you want to know some more thoughts and insights into the club from fans instead of asshole pundits.

So all in all, expect me to write about Arsenal often when it comes to football, and if I’m not writing a footy piece for Arsenal, then I must be writing some sort of slander piece comparing John Terry to Jim Crow or whatever.  After all, that blue cunt is a meandering asshole, right?

On a further note, it might be weird to see that an anime geek might find other things, particularly sports, interesting, but football is something else.  It might be a bit corrupt, or it might not exude the same level of steaming testosterone that SOME sports from my home country apparently provide (baseball? BAH!!), but it is the world’s game, and all in all, it is the beautiful game, and it deserves many a say in my blog.  It gives the site a different kind of feel and will hopefully serve as a reminder to some “otaku” out there that being a one trick pony filled with superfluous reviews of one episode of a 52 episode anime series can get boring quite quickly, especially if you write like some know-it-all jackass who has no willing grasp of tongue-in-cheek humor.  I like anime, and I like Arsenal, so deal with it.

Otherwise, please look forward to more thoughts about the Gunners every so often.  One ‘Nil to the Arsenal boys!!  ^__^

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