UPDATES 10-19-2015


Yes, the blog has gotten a slight face-lift this weekend, with a sleek new font and some new header images that continue to coincide with the lounge / bar theme I’ve established. The Recommendations page has also been updated as well with links to all my favorite sites, new and old, along with the About page.

Some of the articles that I have in the pipeline involve some nostalgia, while some ideas that I’m brainstorming will involve food, so please stay tuned and thanks again for those that support the blog.  Cheers!


A Humble Return

Jeezus christ folks….I’ve been away from this for almost a year?????  Well, we’re gonna have to change that….

Much has happened during my time away, whether it’s real life stuff, Arsenal and so forth.  For the few that actually come by here, I’ll try my best to write some more reviews and other things since I’ve got a TON of more material at this stage, so please look forward to that.  Cheers!

All Quiet in the Blogging Front

Yes folks, I’ve been quite silent for the past week or so. Much going on at work and at play (especially at play), so hopefully I’ll have another Weekend Roundup and my feature on Sammo Hung’s “Wheels on Meals” up in a week or so. Arsenal are gonna tangle with Chelski this weekend while it’s more or less Halloween here in the States, so there’s much to do and talk about this weekend. To the three of you that continue to read the blog, once again, thanks for the support. Hope to write more soon. Until then…