Recommended Sites

With my return comes some much need changes, and the first thing that’s gotta get updated is my links page, so check out all my recs below.  Cheers folks!

Arseblog: Great site for keeping up with Arsenal, along with its news site Arseblog News.

7amkickoff: Great and interesting work from the folks that love the Arsenal right here in the States.

Arsenal Fan TV: Robbie’s channel featuring Arsenal news and fan reactions.  Great place to share the highs and lows of being a Gooner.

LoveHkFilm: My go-to site for great reviews for almost any Chinese-language film out there, with a special focus on the bombastic glory of Hong Kong cinema.  Currently on hiatus but continues to be worth a read.

Midnight Eye: An amazing site chock full of reviews and interviews related to Japanese cinema.  It’s ended its amazing run but please give it a read.  Highly recommended for any Japanese film buff.

Happy Console Gamer: One of the BEST YouTubers out there with a strong and fun focus on Retro Gaming.  Johnny Millennium ROCKS!!

Turbo Views: Great YouTube channel from Chris Bucci, focusing on the wonder that is the Turbo Grafx.

Slate: Liberal news with great editorials?  Look no further!

The Onion: Need I say more?

Angry Asian Man: The man with the plan when it comes to what’s going on with Asian America.  If only he would just proof-read shit before he posts it.

The Nerds of Color: Great GREAT site about nerd culture from a perspective that much of America seems to ignore….the REST of us.

Vern’s Reviews: A hilarious site that just reviews EVERYTHING film…especially if you’re a violent action film buff like me (or pretend to be one…like me).  Highly recommended!!

Screen Anarchy:  What was once the mighty Twitch Film has now been re-christened as Screen Anarchy.  Another highly recommended film site led by Todd Brown.  A righteous place full of journalists who truly LOVE film.

Good Bad Flicks: Great YouTube site with reviews and analysis on…well….Good Bad Flicks!  Their ‘Exploring’ series is also highly recommended.

Mark Wiens: Based in Bangkok, Mark loves to travel and eat as he explores the treasure that is Thailand…and beyond.

Linkara’s History of Power Rangers: Linkara’s his name, and reviewing horrible comics is his game…until he talks about the awesomeness that is Power Rangers.

Every Frame a Painting: A great YouTube site featuring Tony Zhou, a film editor with an AWESOME knack for dissecting film.  As of 2017, the channel has stopped producing videos, but it’s still worth a look.

ss total recall

Vintage Ninja: Nice blog which mentions everything pop-culture related when it comes to the ninja.  It’s a simple site but features lots of cool vintage Toei film posters, action figures and more.

The Food Ranger:  No, he’s not a Power Ranger – he’s a Canadian!  Check out Trevor James’ YouTube channel as he explores China’s street food scene from Chengdu and beyond.  Mouthwatering food, great locals and another look at China that isn’t all doom and gloom.

ScreenPrism:  One of THE BEST film review and analysis channels on YouTube….PERIOD.  Want to know what’s the importance of symbolism in Jordan Peele’s “Get Out,” or how much overlap there is between Kurosawa and Star Wars?  Look no further to ScreenPrism and watch their shit today!

Martial Club:  With a mission to keep old-school martial arts moviemaking alive and kicking, Andy Le and Daniel Mah are slowly choreographing their way into YouTube stardom with amazing short films, tricking vlogs and videos that highlight their love for the martial arts and more.  If you’re a big fan of kung-fu films, definitely subscribe to these guys and check out their short films.  You won’t regret it!

Accented Cinema:  One of my recent faves on YouTube is Yang Zhang’s Accented Cinema.  A Chinese-Canadian’s view on Asian film with great analysis on some cult film favorites.  This channel comes highly-recommended from yours truly.

Shinjo-Kun’s YouTube Channel:  Do you love Japanese mascots?  Do you love Cute animals in mascot form?  Do you love River Otters?  Then you will LOVE Shinjo Kun!!!!  Another massive recommendation from me.  Please support this cute little mascot from Kochi prefecture and subscribe post haste!!!!

Sega Lord X: An awesome YouTube channel that espouses one man’s love for the Sega Saturn and other gaming systems. With well spoken monologues, fantastic game footage and an every-man nostalgia for every gaming era there is, the Sega Lord is not to be missed.

Tabieats: What can I say? I love what Shinichi & Satoshi do here on the Tabieats channel. Whether it’s Japan related travel, food reviews or live streams, this couple from Tokyo knows how to keep things fun. They also have quite a few spinoff channels worth watching, but their first channel start should be THE PLACE to start your Japanese food journey. Definitely give these guys a go. You won’t regret it!

Strictly Dumpling: Mikey Chen’s been at it on YouTube for a long time, and it all started (for me at least) with his work on Off The Great Wall. However, he truly shined once he left that show to do his own thing, and Strictly Dumpling is one of the many fruits of his labor. Now that he’s in the big leagues, I kind of wonder where he’ll go from here. However, I’d highly recommend you go and try Strictly Dumpling out. It features great food reviews, food vlogging and it’s a fantastic way to pass the time during a pandemic. Don’t miss this!

Palin’s Kitchen: If you love Thai food as much as I do, you’ll definitely dig Palin’s Kitchen. Featuring good recipes, fantastic camerawork and a fun, easy-going vibe, it’s another must-see YouTube food channel. Come for the fun, stay for the food.

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