R.I.P. Maurice White (1941 – 2016)


The mind and beat behind Earth, Wind and Fire has left us on 2/3/2016.  Some of the songs he helped create were not just mere pop hits, but inspirational anthems for a generation of people.  I never owned an EWF album but I was always on my toes when a song would pop up in the radio.  Fantasy, September, Shining Star and others were full of powerhouse brass, heart-pounding bass work and singing that literally touched the Gods.  Maurice White was a part of all of that and more.  He even helped produce an Anime soundtrack for Gatchaman’s 1994 OVA.  White and his band are a force of nature, and I hope his passing can be a way for us all to see that he didn’t leave this plane, but that he returned to the force that bore him many moons ago.  Remember the man, and definitely hit up his songs below.  Rest in Peace Maurice.  What you gave to us was truly a fantasy in the best sense.

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