A Few Words on Arsene Wenger


So the search begins to find the next man to lead the Arsenal.  As many now know, Arsene Wenger has sadly announced that he will bid the club farewell this summer.  Players and fans alike have taken the news with either surprise, sadness or elation.  I’m obviously upset that he’s opted to leave, but I don’t begrudge him.  Results for the team have been poor throughout the season due to bad defense (Mustafi, Bellerin and an aging Cech), the professional lapses of some of our midfielders (Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey at times) and some dubious, dubious referees.  I will admit that Wenger hasn’t had his best year in terms of tactics, but I don’t agree with the Wenger Out Brigade or the asshole pundits who call for his head day in, day out.   Criticism, anger at his tactics and honest reflection are one thing, but the circle-jerk of vitriol and the normalization of Anti-Wenger bias both in and out of the pitch have been awful things to witness.  This may be the only reprieve that I hope Wenger will get once he leaves the Emirates.

Many sports journos have speculated a great deal as to the reasons why Arsene has left before the end of his contract, but I’m of the opinion to not giving a damn until a book comes out.  I’m mentioning this because for all the praise that’s coming in from Phil McNulty, the BBC or ESPNFC, these are the same asshats who would bay for his blood after every bad result.  It pissed me off to see this last Friday, and I wonder how much more Wenger will be assessed in the near future, especially in relation to Arsenal if results sour in his absence.

Wenger is a manager that I’ve grown to respect beyond the confines of football.  His thoughts on life are reminiscent of an old teacher guiding his pupils towards adulthood and I will truly miss the kind of thoughts he would share in interviews like this.  I hope that wherever he goes, or whatever he does, he’ll be loved by all Gooners as time passes.  Here’s to better results as the season comes to a close, and let’s all give the Boss a great send off when it finally comes time for a goodbye.

HAT TRICK HERO: West Ham United vs. Arsenal (EPL 12-3-2016)

Britain Soccer Premier League

I can’t understand the rubbish coming from Alan Shearer when he refuses to admit that Alexis fucking Sanchez is world-class.  Even Gary fucking Lineker says he is, and he’s a Spud!  That movement, that guile, that FUCKING HAT TRICK!  Are you kidding me???

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Arsenal vs. Chelsea: EPL (9/24/2016)

Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League

The last time I saw Arsenal whoop Chelsea was in 2011 during the RVP days.  The last few times, it’s been Diego Costa getting away with being a complete jerk without any penalty.  The last few times, it’s been too many goals against us and not enough against them.  The last few times, it was Mourinho being a dick wad.  Specialist in failure anyone?

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Bidding Farewell to the 2015-2016 Premier League Season


There are so many words I could use to describe the Gunners’ season, but given that much has happened on Sunday (including that horrible scare at Old Trafford), I truly can’t use many words like “Wenger Out” or “Time for Change.”  We’re lucky that we’ve all got to enjoy our football in one piece obviously, but if there’s a phrase I could use, its “Missed Opportunity.”  With horrible losses to the likes of Swansea, United, Chelsea and Southampton (the latter two being refereeing catastrophes), it’s horrible to see our title hopes become forfeit like that.  Injuries have also, once again, demolished us, so I hope next season, we’ll finally figure out a way to rest and rotate our players accordingly.  With Leicester now Champions, it’s easy to throw Arsenal under the bus and ask “If they could, why couldn’t we?”, but have a look at United, Citeh and Chelski.  The Foxes took it one game at a time in a season where no one (save for Arsenal) took them seriously on the pitch.  Congrats to them of course, but I can bow out of this season knowing that my Gunners did their part against them.  This really is history in the making so bravo to LCFC.

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Win Ugly: Arsenal vs. Newcastle United (1/2/2016)

koscielny vs newcastle 2016

Watching yesterday’s game reminded me of our mauling in Southampton on Boxing Day, yet Arsenal (thanks in no small part to Petr Cech) stood as the victor in what would’ve been a game that we’d normally lose or draw.  Koscielny’s goal was the difference in a scrappy affair where the Magpies had the better chances to score.  Mitrovic was unlucky to some degree, but Cech did the business to snuff out the danger as Newcastle squeezed past our defenders to fire.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the ref.  The man was atrocious.

Oh, and Ramsey….please, if you’re clear on goal and if your lane blocked, GIVE IT TO CAMPBELL!!!!

Arsenal have always been beaten by the cudgel of “mental fragility” by many a pundit over the years, but it’s nice to see that we can dig out an ugly win with a set piece and get 9 out of a possible 12 points during a very hectic timeframe.  With us still retaining our place at the top of the table, it will become more of an imperative to grind out wins as the next set of fixtures approach (along with an FA Cup tie).  Yes, we’ve got some injuries, but our depth is there (barely).  The worry I have is that our defense and midfield was left exposed quite often against Newcastle so personally, I really think we need to tighten up with some structure / shape.  We’re missing Coquelin’s physical presence in midfield since both Southampton and Newcastle have proven that they could bully us in midfield with little consequence.  Here’s to hoping that we can dig deep and make it happen as we wait for the rest of our troops to return.


Arsenal are Mid-table? Or Medievil?

fypAs some of you footy fans are aware, Arsenal have been having a poor run of form as of late. I haven’t said much about them since their tie with the Blue Moon, but much of the energy that they’ve had in the beginning of the season has now been sapped. With Diaby injured, our defense shaky, and the man marking of Arteta impeding EVERYTHING, it’s hard for me to watch a game every weekend. Giroud seems to be coming to life, but the midfield issues need to be addressed because teams are really pressing the ball out of us. You saw this in the Everton game, the Swansea game, and now, today’s Olympiacos game. Wenger obviously wanted his young squad to get some experience today, but of course, they got a butt whooping instead.  In terms of depth, it’s good to see Wilshere back, but let’s face it, he’s still raw and recovering (like the rest of the guys I guess). Rosicky is a bit more welcome in my eyes, but as you saw today, he just picked up a knock once again after scoring. That forward drive has to return to the team, along with a faster tempo and better ball handling, or we may be in the dust…

I may have to accept that Arsenal are now a “mid-table team” and that will become more cannon fodder for the media and for those glory hunters, but all of you Gooners out there should remember to urge calm and change through sensible means here. What are we, Chelsea? I’d love Uncle Arsene to change up the formations, add more midfielders, have more capable squad members and spend on someone who can free up Arteta, but lets criticize with any sort of demonizing. This isn’t FIFA 11 from EA, okay?  You can leave that job to the fucking pundits for all I care.  Our form isn’t helping things much (along with the squad depth), but neither is this infighting. I know we seem to be “mid-table,” but not Medieval.

Otherwise, try to have a good one you fellow Gooners.

A Blurb about the New Boys at Arsenal

I don’t have many fancy things to say right now, but to have Cazorla unvelied at A.F.C. on MY BIRTHDAY yesterday is quite something. With Giroud & Podolski in the mix, I am super happy with what we are seeing right now.  Hell, from the photos you’ll find at Arsenal.com, I’d say Arteta’s MORE happy than I am about Santi. With Cesc and others praising his abilities, it’s no doubt that Cazorla will set the EPL ablaze.

Couple all of that with Giroud’s tenacity in the box and Lukas’ physical presence going forward, and you might just have yourselves a great group of Gunners in this season’s lineup.  Yes yes, it’s a bit early to say that things will improve instantaneously for us, but I’m simply describing my excitement about the whole thing, along with the rest of the Arsenal fanbase.  I’m sure we could do for a few more signings, but we’re not Chelski or the Mancs for chrissake, so let’s all just cool down a bit about wanting ANOTHER CB, LB, RB or QB, okay?

Otherwise, it’s a damn good time to be a Gooner.  Cheers guys!!