T-Square’s EWI Legends

Those that do follow me know how much of a huge T-Square fan I am, and one of the signature sounds of the band comes from the EWI – Electronic Wind Instrument.  Manufactured by Akai, the EWI has been described by the gang from Video Games Live! as a ‘terminator flute’ and to be honest, it’s true.  It’s easy to dismiss the instrument because it sounds like a over-hyped synthesizer, but it packs power if you know how to play.  Given that T-Square had three sax / EWI players during their history, I decided to show my favorite live performances that  you can find on YouTube, so please check the videos out below and enjoy!

Takahiro Miyazaki was T-Square’s third saxman and EWI artist before band legend Takeshi Itoh returned.  Here he’s jamming to the amazing Knight’s Song, which would eventually become Masahiro Andoh’s “Moon over the Castle” for the Gran Tursimo game series.  Watch how the tempo of the band makes him almost explode!

Second is the insane Masato Honda.  Many fans consider him to be the best and most talented front-man of the group due to his amazing improvisations.  He’s a great artist but I still think Itoh-san is the best.  I don’t care how crazy his version of Truth is, but that’s Itoh’s song.  However, Honda-san’s got TONS of EWI hits to his name.  Samurai Metropolis, Door to Tomorrow, Little League Star, Crown & Roses and more.  However, for my money, his EWI hit would have to be Faces.

And lastly, Takeshi Itoh, the legend of T-Square, has that ONE song.  The song that put them on the map.  The song that made them an international sensation.  The song that no one forgot….TRUTH.  Seriously folks, ’nuff said.


T-Square’s 2012 Album “WINGS” is Released!!!

Well, it’s already out in Japan, but yes, it’s out, and I can’t wait to hear it. From the sound of the samples you’ll find here, it’s gonna be one helluva album. Hells yes!!

The Unrequited Friend Zone Love Mixtape

To all you gals & girls who are suffering from the pangs of unrequited love, the pain of rejection, the loss of friendship, the heartache of longing and the purgatory that is the friend zone, here’s a collection of songs just for you.  I had quite the response on the Dating Fails blog here on 5SecondFilms’ spot about the “We Can Still Be Friends” line, and as of late, I’ve been thinking lots about the nature of reconciled friendships.  So here we go folks, pass the time with some lovely rock, alternative, r&b, jazz and gaming sounds.  If you have any suggestions, send a comment in too.