HAT TRICK HERO: West Ham United vs. Arsenal (EPL 12-3-2016)

Britain Soccer Premier League

I can’t understand the rubbish coming from Alan Shearer when he refuses to admit that Alexis fucking Sanchez is world-class.  Even Gary fucking Lineker says he is, and he’s a Spud!  That movement, that guile, that FUCKING HAT TRICK!  Are you kidding me???

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Weekend Roundup (9-17-2011 to 9-18-2011)

After a night of clubbing, I thought I would wake up to a dead hooker and a wonderful win for my beloved Arsenal against Blackburn, and although it certainly looked that way during the first half (absolving said prostitute completely), the second half had devolved into a comedy of errors that would make Shakespeare roll in his grave. Aside from two own goals, shambolic defense and I-dun-no-what-the-hell-happened grimaces, it was a shameful day for Arsenal which not only dredged up our horrid errors in defense, but revealed to us that in the wake of a tie against Dortmund, we are woefully inconsistent. I think GrumpyGrad’s post here will elaborate more on it if you’re interested, so check it out if you’re a glutton for punishment like we are.

Five tacos from "Senor Taco" from Pinellas Park, courtesy of a Google User in the area.

By dinner time, I found myself at Senor Taco in Pinellas Park, hankering for a tasty way to absolve the bitter taste of defeat from my mouth.  Finally, I can at least say that I’m glad I found something in the Tampa Bay area that can rival the greatness of Taco Burrito House back in Sweet Home Chicago.

Naoki Urasawa's "Monster." Image courtesy of Comics212.com

However, the rest of the weekend was not spent entirely on sulking on the relative glories and tragedies that unfolded in the Premier League.  Instead, it was devoted to watching manga master Naoki Urasawa’s animated adaptation of his critically acclaimed hit, “Monster.”  So far, Zanz and I are at episode 35 or 36, and it is fabulous.  It’s quite accurate to the source material, and the amount of suspense and terror that the show exhumes upon its European backdrop is fantastic.  Netflix has been quite kind to anime as of late, and if you have a subscription, then be sure to NOT pass this up!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to dispose of a dead body.  😛

Tie One On: Arsenal vs. Borussia Dortmund, UEFA Champions League Group F Match (9-13-2011)

Arsenal centre backs Laurent Koscielny (L) & Per Mertesacker (R) fighting like Lions against the might of the BVB

For those of you who are new to the blog or may not know, I love football (soccer to all you philistines), and I love Arsenal!!  Yesterday, I was asked by my good pal and fellow Arsenal fan GrumpyGrad (or GrumpyGooner, take your pick) to write about my thoughts on Arsenal’s nail-biting game against Bundesliga champs Borussia Dortmund during the Group F stage of the Champions League, which ended 1-1.  You can find the article here, so please read if you dig a little footy.  Despite what the pundits have said about this game, it was a good game for the Gunners, and as Lee Dixon pointed out, “It’s a great point in the end for Arsenal.”