Happy Year of the Rooster!

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Year of the Rooster?  How about year of the Orange Clucker???  Here’s hoping that you’re ready to eat a ton of bird because this year will be so full of guano that the only comfort you’d have is knowing where all that shit came from.  It’s ONLY BEEN A WEEK and the Donald has shat on everything you could think of.  Please be merry, please enjoy dumplings or a hot pot and PLEASE think of positive things folks.  We’re in for a long one, so let’s celebrate now, and get ready to bring it to “Donny” in the coming year.

恭喜發財: Happy Lunar New Year 2016


Yes, the new Lunar Year is upon us and it’s the Year of the Monkey.  Monkeys rule in so many ways and that’s certainly because they are cute AND clever.  For those of you born in the year of the Monkey, they’re sociable, clever (duh) and adventurous, but prone to suspicion and jealously.  The previous link here states that monkeys are unlucky when it’s their year, but at the same time, points out that monkeys are gonna get rich somehow.  Hopefully not by an elaborate ponzi scheme that heralds economic doom (cough cough MADOFF).  This year however will be the first where GF and I will celebrate Lunar New Year apart, and it’s hard.  I’ve made my parents standard dumplings, the traditional food for the New Year and chances are I’ll be avoiding the Super Bowl today.  To all of you guys, love life, be prosperous and have a Happy Lunar New Year!   新年快樂!