The YouTube Channel R.I.P.

This was basically where it all started, and will continue…to start…or continue…or so I thought.  The link below was formerly my YouTube account which was deleted on June of 2014 after some copyright infringement issue levied at me by way of the Recording Industry of Japan (which sucks).  8 long years of YouTube goodness now down the drain folks.  It started there, but hopefully with this blog, it won’t end there..

4 thoughts on “The YouTube Channel R.I.P.

  1. I finally found you… I’ve been looking everywhere for CITY HUNTER & TATSURO YAMASHITA / シティーハンター & 山下 達郎: 『SPARKLE』 but couldn’t find a copy… Glad to know you’re still around, man. I’ll be following your blog. Hope you’ll upload it again someday. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

    • Hey man, thanks for tracking me down. It was horrible that my channel got killed. Still iffy about bringing it back but maybe I can upload it somewhere one day. Love that AMV to bits. Thanks for following and hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers and Happy New Year!!!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment. I truly do miss my channel and the AMV days, but really, YouTube and certain recording industries don’t approve of my activities. One day, I hope to have some of my vids available. Let me know what your faves were and maybe I can make them available somehow. Thanks so much man, Peace!

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