Merry Christmas

I haven’t had much to say in these few weeks…I’ve been chasing a lot of things as of late, but I just wanted to drop by and wish all 3 of you who actually read the damn blog and say thanks, and most of all, Merry Christmas!


The Holidays Are Here!!

Well folks, I don’t have much to say really since this week has been busy with, uh, stuff, but aside from a fabulous win from Arsenal from those sacks of shit from the DW Stadium (Cough cough, Wigan, cough), December has finally arrived. You know, the last month of the year, where you get people gifts, endure the cold, see nipples pop out of tight sweaters and regret all the bitches you gave creampies to before you get a call from them 2 years down the road asking for some dignity and possibly child support. Let’s all raise our glasses to not only a new month, but the last month of a year that just seemed like it was never ever gonna fucking end. Kampai!!